Zerrick Gillam-Bzadgi has over 25 years of experience in international finance, tier-one banking, corporate development and asset management.  Hailing from a background in high level Corporate Credit Administration with Citizens & Southern Bank (now Bank of America), investment banking (then Shearson Lehman Hutton) and international corporate finance (Auriga Internationale), he has founded or been a pivotal principal of over a hundred companies in locations around the world.

Zerrick rose quickly in the private finance industry to become facilitator and lead consultant in providing capitalization and banking solutions for projects and structured finance transactions ranging 7-11 figure denominations and has served as manager of billion dollar assets for corporate and high net worth individuals. He is currently principal partner of a private consortium of trusts and international partnerships raising $200T for infrastructure, environmental and economic development projects worldwide.  A seasoned financier, Zerrick is able to quickly assess corporate and transactional valuations, engineer winning strategies for capital development and source compatible initiatives for funding.  He is a major asset holder, business investor, and innovator.

Zerrick is expert at authoring fundamental accords for successful collaboration, mergers and venture partnerships due to his keen foresight for the synchronization and enhancement of compatible core competencies. He holds executive office, directorship and board memberships with multiple international business and financial organizations.

Born in Xenia, Ohio, Zerrick is well-traveled, a father of seven and is an avid student of neo-tech, quantum genetics, resonance healing techniques and sustainable development.


Maiyahn Gillam-Bzadgi has over 10 years of experience in asset management, corporate development, iconic branding as well as structuring successful joint ventures and international collaborations.

She controls internal fiscal policy and sets investment protocol for the group of companies.  She also authors funding control mechanisms for advantageous cash management and reporting systems for the member companies.

Lastly, Maiyahn completes final review on all contractual relations and mandates trust compliance.

Maiyahn is from Los Angeles, a mother of seven, a researcher of the antiquities and contributes substantially to causes championing the empowerment of women and children.


Marhakan Bzadgi has 6 years of experience in corporate finance, project analysis and valuation.  He brings a structured approach to task assessment and strategic execution of system objectives.

Marhakan oversees all matters regarding outsourcing of services and procurement of human resources for the various corporate holdings, including fostering personal nurturing, education and support systems within the prerequisites of the family of companies.

Marhakan was born in Atlanta, GA, is a father of seven, and actively pursues his passion for nutraceuticals, holistic and traditional health and wellness and aviation/aeronautical engineering.